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Boveda Boveda 62%

Sold in packages of 10, Boveda protects your flower with the original terpene shield. Boveda is precise humidity control for cannabis, which restores and maintains humidity to create a protective monolayer of water molecules over trichomes, so you can Save the Terps.

Choose Size 8 Boveda for small jars and small bags. Experience for yourself how much better cannabis is with Boveda.

Choose Size 4 for small medicine containers, small bags and pre-roll tins.

Boveda 58% RH versus 62% RH for cannabis? It really comes down to personal preference. Try them both side-by-side to see which RH you like better with buds. Or follow these guidelines before buying Boveda for your flower for the first time.

Start with 58% RH:
• If you live in a humid climate
• If you prefer drier flower
• If you struggle with moldy cannabis
• If you’re storing flower for personal-use products, such as joints and pre-rolls

Start with 62% RH:
• If you live in a dry climate
• If you prefer stickier bud
• If you need to control humidity in large herbal storage

(Just don’t mix different RH percentages within the same jar, tin or tote.)

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Papi Cannabis Black Mamba #7 [1g]

Papi Sweet Sluggers are made with only high-potency, freshly-ground whole flower. Rolled in a tobacco-free green tea blunt wrap for a smooth taste and even burn, these pre-rolled blunts are powerful and consistent, just like Papi. Available in 1 gram pre-rolled single blunts packaged in a doob tube made of 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.

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