50%, 25% and 10% Off Menu’s at Treehouse Dispensary

50%, 25% and 10% Off Menu’s at Treehouse Dispensary

Experience the Thrill of Savings at Treehouse Dispensary: Unveiling Hidden Gems and 50%, 25% and 10% Discounts!


Welcome to Treehouse Dispensary, where every visit is a journey into a world of premium cannabis products and unbeatable discounts. We’re thrilled to share some exciting news about our exclusive 50%, 25%, and 10% off menus, featuring a variety of top-notch items that will elevate your cannabis experience. But that’s not all – we’ve also hidden some gems you won’t want to miss!


Unveiling the 50% Menu: Dive into Irresistible Deals!

  • Dracut – Green Monkey 2:1 Mango Guava Soda: Indulge in this refreshing drink, previously $5, now available at an unbeatable $2.50.
  • Pepperell – Freshly Baked Transdermal 5:1 Wellness Patches: Elevate your wellness routine with these patches, originally $22, now only $11.

Discover the 25% Menu: Treat Yourself to Delightful Options!

  • Cloud Creamery | Pina Colada | Vegan Ice Cream | 5oz | (5mg): Satisfy your sweet tooth with this vegan delight, discounted from $5 to $3.75 in Dracut and Pepperell.

Indulge in the 10% Menu: Premium Products at a Fraction of the Price!

  • Trade Roots | J1 Hashplant | Live Resin | (1g) | Hybrid: Elevate your cannabis experience with this live resin, now priced at $45 instead of $50 in Dracut.
  • Bailey’s Buds | Blue Dream Sour Jack | Shake | Sativa Dominant | (7g): Shake things up with this sativa-dominant strain, discounted from $96 to $86.40 in Pepperell.


Explore Hidden Gems: Unearth Exceptional Finds!


  • Fathom | Jigglers | Traditional Live Hash | (1g) | Hybrid: Priced at $50 per gram, discover this hidden gem in both Dracut and Pepperell.
  • Gibby’s Garden | Moby Grape | Flower | Indica Dominant | (3.5g): Indulge in the calming effects of this indica-dominant strain for $30 per 3.5 grams in Pepperell.
  • Harbor House | Sherbacio | Flower | Hybrid | (3.5g): Elevate your hybrid experience with Sherbacio for $30 per 3.5 grams in Pepperell.
  • Green Meadows | Hell on Wheels 1:1 | Flower | Indica Dominant | (3.5g): Experience the perfect balance with this 1:1 strain, priced at $36 for 3.5 grams in Dracut and Pepperell.
  • Alternative Compassion Services | RELAX | Distillate Cartridge | (1g) | Indica: Indulge in relaxation with this distillate cartridge for $50 in Pepperell.
  • Original Massachusetts Growers | Groovy Grape | Disposable Cartridge | (.5g) | Hybrid: Enjoy the convenience of a disposable cartridge for $40 in Dracut.


PSA: Exciting Surprises Await!


If you spot an Emerald Ticket in-store, you can redeem it for a preroll penny! Also, calling all pet lovers – stay tuned for our Thursday Instagram post for a paw-some surprise in Dracut and Pepperell.

And as always, enjoy $4 discounted prerolls with any purchase. Visit Treehouse Dispensary today and elevate your cannabis journey with unmatched savings and hidden gems!

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