Deep Dive on Cannabis Use and Dosing

Deep Dive on Cannabis Use and Dosing

Welcome to “Best Buds,” where we delve into all things cannabis. In today’s podcast episode, we’re unpacking the intricacies of cannabis use, including dosing, consumption methods, product types, and proper storage. 

Join us as we reveal expert advice from the frontlines of Treehouse Craft Cannabis, a premium dispensary nestled in the heart of Massachusetts.

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THC vs CBD: Navigating the Effects

Navigating the world of cannabis starts with understanding the difference between THC and CBD. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the component known for its psychoactive effects – the classic high. CBD, or cannabidiol, interacts differently with the body, offering a

non-euphoric route geared towards calming and reducing inflammation. So whether you’re dealing with anxiety or looking for relief from physical discomfort, the balance between these two cannabinoids is crucial.

Edibles: Dosage and Consumption Tips

The conversation wouldn’t be complete without discussing edibles. These products include anything from gummies to chocolate bars infused with cannabis. Edibles offer a discreet and convenient consumption 

method with varying ratios of THC and CBD. For those new to edibles, the mantra of “low and slow” cannot be overstated. Tracking your dosages and responses in a journal can be an incredibly effective way to find your sweet spot.

Topicals: Localized Relief Without the High

Cannabis topicals, such as salves, lotions, and transdermal patches, are perfect for targeted relief from aches and pains. By applying these directly to the affected area, users can benefit from the therapeutic

properties without any psychoactive effects. What’s more, topicals typically do not show up on drug tests, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about that aspect.

Vape Pens and Pre-rolls: To Each Their Own

In our modern world, convenience is king. This reigns true in cannabis consumption as well, with many opting for pre-rolls due to their ease of use – especially for individuals with dexterity issues. Then there are vape pens, which offer a

discreet option for enjoying cannabis oils. Let’s not forget the burgeoning variety of flavors and potencies available, ensuring that there’s a product out there to meet the desires of any connoisseur.

Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

Our hosts emphasize the importance of proper storage, stressing a cool, dark space for your flower and pre-rolls. Surprisingly, refrigeration is not ideal for your flower as it can increase humidity levels, potentially leading to mold.

However, certain topicals and edibles like cold brew and ice cream do benefit from refrigeration, enhancing their soothing effects and, of course, keeping them from spoiling.

Seasonal Selections and New Discoveries

Staying on top of the latest offerings is essential for any cannabis enthusiast. Our podcast dive reveals interesting seasonal products like the “Wicked Witch” pre-roll and a diverse array of CBD and non-THC products like lip balms and sunscreens. The ever-evolving market continually offers new ways to incorporate cannabis into daily life – whether through novel cartridges or even THC-infused condiments.

An image of Wicked Witch of the East pre-roll packaging alongside two 0.5g joints.
For the Love of Cannabis

Each episode of “Best Buds” provides a wealth of knowledge for cannabis users, whether they’re seasoned aficionados or curious newcomers. Our deep dive into proper use and storage with the Treehouse Craft Cannabis team

sheds light on safe and enjoyable consumption. And just when you think that’s all, our insightful conversation leads to potential gifting ideas with a cannabis twist, making for a truly merry and high-spirited holiday season.

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