Low Inventory Alert at Treehouse Dracut and Pepperell

Low Inventory Alert at Treehouse Dracut and Pepperell

Low Inventory Alert at Treehouse Dracut and Pepperell

Below are products that are almost out of stock, just to name a few. There are more options in-store.


Treehouse Dracut (all Carts)

**1. Rove
– Punch: Take a swing at your day with a burst of energy.
– Price: $35


**2. Rove
– Strawberry Mimosa: A sweet, bubbly lift to your spirits without the hangover.
– Price: $35


**3. Rove
– Watermelon Zkittlez: Dive into a juicy wave of relaxation.
– Price: $40


**4. Rove
– Skywalker: Glide through your galaxy with this Indica strain.
– Price: $35


**5. Rove
– Sour Jack: Pucker up for a tangy kick that will have you zipping through tasks.
– Price: $35


**6. Rove
– Cantaloupe Haze: Melon out with this soothing escape.
– Price: $35


**7. Rove
– Tangie: Peel away stress with this citrusy delight.
– Price: $35


**8. Rove
– Purple Pie: Indulge in a slice of calm with this rich, relaxing blend.
– Price: $35


**9. Rove
– Fire OG: Ignite your inner fire and stoke those creative flames.
– Price: $40


**10. Verano
– Blueberry: Berry yourself in a bushel of bliss.
– Price: $30


**11. Verano
– Watermelon: Hydrate your soul with this refreshing pick.
– Price: $30


**12. Verano
– Lemon Cake: A zesty slice of heaven that won’t add to your waistline.
– Price: $30


**13. Verano
– Biscotti: So good, you’ll even like the crumbs!
– Price: $30


**14. Verano
– Master Kush: A strain fit for master smokers.
– Price: $30

Treehouse Pepperell


**14. Freshly Baked Gummies
– Strawberry Banana: High in Potassium for a low price!
– Price: $14!!!


**14. Verano 3.5G Flower**
– Grape Noir: Embark on an exotic journey of grape taste.
– Price: $50


**15. Insa Cart*
– Tiny Tinies: Small in size, mighty in relief.
– Price: $14


**16. Coast Cart*
– Cherry Pie: A not-so-naughty treat that’s as sweet as it is soothing.
– Price: $45


Don’t forget, if you find one of the elusive “Emerald Tickets” in our stores, you can redeem it for a penny pre-roll! Now, isn’t that just the cherry on top?


So, swing by Tree House Craft Cannabis, where the vibes are good, and the goods are even better. Remember to bring your ID and some moolah (or a card—we’re not fussy), and we’ll take care of the rest. Catch you on the flip side, pals!

Treehouse Dracut

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