Tiered YBR Bundles at Tree House

Tiered YBR Bundles at Tree House

Yellow Brick Road Tiered bundles

📦 Bundle Up with Our Bountiful Buds

We believe in rewarding our most enthusiastic enthusiasts, which is why we’ve introduced a new way to save while you savor:

  • Quarters for $30*: Dip your toes into the pond of plenty without diving in wallet-first.
  • Halves for $55*: Ready to wade a little deeper? Our halves are here to hug your senses.
  • Ounces for $90*: For the connoisseurs who know that when it comes to quality, more is always merrier.

💰 Scale Up, Price Down

It’s simple—the more you buy, the more you save. Think of it as a thank you for being as committed to cannabis excellence as we are. Our tiered pricing means that your per-gram cost shrinks as your purchase grows. It’s a win-win in our whimsically decorated dispensary wonderland.

🛍️ Mix, Match, and Make It Yours

Don’t just stick to one strain when you can be the maestro of your own cannabis concert. Our mix and match options let you blend the notes to create a symphony that’s music to your lungs.

🌱 Green Means Go!

In a world that’s complicated enough, we’re keeping it simple. Green means go, savings mean yes, and our tiered pricing means we’re absolutely obsessed with making sure you get the best.

✨ Join the Tiered Triumph Today

So, what are you waiting for? Swing by Tree House Craft Cannabis and let the treasure hunt begin. Our staff is ready to maximize your merriment.

*All prices are prior to tax 


Products are subject to availability, and the tiered pricing is subject to change. Please consume responsibly and in accordance with all state laws and regulations.

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