Yellow Brick Road Vapes NOW Available at Treehouse Dispensary

Yellow Brick Road Vapes NOW Available at Treehouse Dispensary

Yellow Brick Road Vapes Now Available at Treehouse Dispensary

At Treehouse Dispensary, we’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product lineup – our very own Yellow Brick Road vape collection! We’ve taken some of your favorite YBR strains and transformed them into premium distillate vapes. Elevate your experience with the same quality strains you know and love, now available in a convenient and portable vape cartridge form.

 Explore the World of YBR Vapes

1. Bubblemint Chem – Hybrid

  • Weight: Vape Cartridge, .5g each (1g Total), 2-pack
  • Description: A delightful fusion of Bubble Chem and Thin Mints, this hybrid strain offers a creative, focused, and relaxed experience without the risk of couch lock. Perfect for diving into DIY projects or making progress in your favorite video games.

2. G13 Glitter – Indica Dominant

  • Weight: Vape Cartridge, .5g each (1g Total)
  • Description: Indulge in a potent indica with a refreshing lemon-lime flavor. The G13 Glitter strain is known for its happiness-inducing, uplifting, and relaxing effects. Plus, enjoy the sparkle with an impressive 4.85% CBG.

3. Hey Gurl Glue – Hybrid

  • Weight: Vape Cartridge, (1g)
  • Description: Unwind after a long day with Hey Gurl Glue, a hybrid strain perfect for relaxation. It won’t keep you glued to the couch; instead, it invites deep thoughts and meaningful conversations with your friends.

Pricing and Availability

All YBR vape cartridges are priced at $30 and are available at both our Dracut and Pepperell stores. Don’t miss the chance to experience the enhanced YBR strains in a convenient vape form!

A Slam Dunk Surprise! Win Celtics Tickets for Valentine’s Night

Celebrate Valentine’s Night with a memorable experience! Treehouse Dispensary is giving away a pair of Celtics tickets for a game on February 14th. Here’s how you can enter:

👉 To Enter:

  1. Visit us at either Dracut or Pepperell stores.
  2. Fill out our quick and fun survey 📝

🎉 Winner Announcement: February 7th at 4:20 pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your cannabis experience with our exclusive vape collection and score a memorable night out with your special someone! Visit us, fill out the survey, and get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Night in style.

And remember as always get a discounted $4 preroll with any purchase.

Yellow Brick Road at Treehouse Dispensary

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