New Drops and Exclusive Deals this Weekend

New Drops and Exclusive Deals this Weekend

🌿 New Drops & Exclusive Deals This Weekend at Tree House Craft Cannabis 🌿

Exciting news for our Tree House family and friends! We’re thrilled to announce some fresh arrivals from Advanced Cultivators and a special pop-up event at Dracut and Pepperell with Mass Alternative Care that you don’t want to miss out on. 🎉


New Prerolls, Blunts & Flower from Advanced Cultivators


Now Available in Dracut & Pepperell:


🚀 Prerolls:

  • Dracut: Super Boof (1g hybrid) – $14 | Splash 5 pack (1g hybrid) – $40
  • Pepperell: M.J. (1g hybrid) – $12 | Space Runtz (1g hybrid) – $16


🔥 Blunts:

  • Dracut: Red Runtz (1g hybrid) – $16
  • Pepperell: Sherb Cream Pie (1g hybrid) – $16


💐 Flower:

  • Dracut: Sherb Cream Pie (3.5g indica dominant) – $45
  • Pepperell: Pink Zkittlez (3.5g hybrid) – $45


Mass Alternative Care Pop-Up Bonanza!

Join us this Saturday in Dracut from 4-6pm and Sunday in Pepperell from Noon to 2pm for an extraordinary pop-up event featuring Mass Alternative Care. Dive deep into their world with insights about their company, farm, and get your hands on some cool merch for FREE! 🌱 Plus, enjoy a 20% discount on all their products on the day of the pop-up all day.


Featured Deals:


  • Mac | Grilled Blueberry Muffin | Flower | Sativa Dominant (3.5g) | Now $24
  • MAC | Zombie | Pre Roll | Indica (1g) | Now $9.60
  • MAC | PB N’ Choc | Pre Roll | Indica Dominant (1g) | Now $8



  • MAC | PB N’ Choc | Pre Roll | Indica Dominant (1g) | Now $8
  • Mac | Dosi Pop | Flower | Indica Dominant (3.5g) | Now $24
  • Mac | Jolly Green Giant | Flower | Indica Dominant (3.5g) | Now $24


Live Music & Special Offers

🎵 Groove to the Vibes: Don’t miss live music with Kyle Krawcyzk in Pepperell from 6-8 pm. Let the tunes elevate your shopping experience.


🌟 Sweet Deal Alert: Buy any preroll for just $4 with any purchase. Yes, you read that right – only $4!



📍 Visit Us: Swing by our Dracut or Pepperell locations to catch these exclusive deals and experiences. We can’t wait to see you there!


Remember: Enjoy responsibly and let’s keep the vibes positive and the community thriving. 💚 See you at Tree House Craft Cannabis!

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