Tuesday to Thursday: Unbeatable Deals at Treehouse

Tuesday to Thursday: Unbeatable Deals at Treehouse

🌿 This Week at Tree House Craft Cannabis: Unbeatable Deals Just for You! 🌿

Hey there, beautiful people! Ready to elevate your week with some fab finds at Tree House? We’ve got the scoop on all the deals that’ll make your wallet and soul do a little happy dance. Check out what’s in store for you:


🔥 20% OFF Tuesday Menu: Get Your Green On! 🔥


Pepperell & Dracut Highlights:


  •  Flower Lovers:
    • Good Chemistry’s Falcon Berry | Indica | 3.5g, now just $28 (Was $35)
    • Jolly Green’s Peanut Butter Breath | Hybrid | 3.5g, now just $22.40 (Was $28)


  • Vape Enthusiasts:
      • Alternative Compassion Services’ RELAX | Distillate Cartridge | 1g, now only $40 (Was $50)


  • Beverage Connoisseurs:
        • Zenith’s Cold Brew Coffee | 12oz | 5mg, yours for $5.60 (Was $7)
        • Good Feels’ Raspberry Apple Seltzer and Lemon Lime Beverage Enhancer, now $4 (Was $5) and $26.40 (Was $33), respectively.


🎁 Bonus Deal: Pre-roll Paradise 🎁

Snag a discounted pre-roll for just $4 with any purchase. Because who doesn’t love a little extra green goodness?


🌱 Pop-Up Alert: High Plains Farm Takes Over 🌱

Pepperell & Dracut Exclusives:

From the robust Lost Coast Lemon | Hybrid | 14g at $70 to the enchanting Cream Cookiez x Apple Fritter | Hybrid | 3.5g at $30, it’s a botanical bounty not to be missed!


🎶 Caylin Costello Live: Tune in and Chill Out 🎶

Join us on Thursday, April 4th, from 6-8pm for an evening of live music that’ll soothe your soul and spark your spirit.


🌪️ Vape Wednesday: Mix, Match, and Save Big! 🌪️

Score five one-gram vapes from Crude Boys and Yellow Brick Road for an unbeatable $120. That’s a cool $30 off!


🍃 Non-THC Thursday: For the Love of CBD 🍃

You can find CBD and Accessory products for you on Thursday. Here are a couple of examples, dive into the serenity of WMAH’s Full Spectrum CBD Topical | 500mg, now at $40 (Was $50). Don’t forget the 4″ Sandblasted Spoon Pipe, now $14.40 (Was $18).



There you have it, folks! A week packed with promotions to keep your spirits high and your stress low. Swing by Tree House Craft Cannabis and let’s make this week one for the books. Stay sassy, stay fabulous, and most importantly, stay lifted!


Sprinkle a bit of your personality into every visit, and let’s keep the good times rolling. See you soon! ✌️💚

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